The WTF front side for about page

You know when those moments come, WTF could come at the store, at home, on the internet, on television, who knows! Now, you can have a button that shouts “WTF?!” at those weird and bizarre happenstances! Give a friend some WTF?!, give a co-worker WTF?! Is weird shit happening at work? How about some WTF?! for your office? There are so many wacky WTF moments in this world, we just HAD to make a button for all those occasions. How could we not?!

WTF?! audio attitude only achieved with both a question mark AND an exclamation point, you gotta hear the “What the FUCK?!” on this button! You’ll be like “press it again!” Make your adult toy collection stand out! Your ears might just thank you, or if they could swear, they’d shout “WHAT THE FUCK?!” right back!

Treat yourself AND your Desk to Adult Play every single day! Whoa, They’re Fun! 🙂